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i update this website several times a day again at the moment, working hard not working hardly !!

Captain's Log
- will do a beginners area with pictures what to type in and where, to start mining
- included some Referral-Links, if you click them and register there, i get some cents. That would be nice, so in a few months I can go and buy some more GPUs, Mining Mining Mining, hehehe, I am hooked ;-)

- THANK YOU for the first donation at ProHashing (received 7.416 Expanse ~ 1 Euro minus the fee on 10. April), Thank You so very much !!
- MinerMore is HOT right now, mining RITO and RVN at 0% pool fee ... form is nearly ready but the LibreOffice crashes are driving me crazy, nice pool, try to get at least 30.000-100.000 Coins before the worth of the RITO Coin reaches 0.1 ct in a few months, at the moment at 18.04.2021 01.09am German Time it is 0,00037494 Euro at coingecko, just a hint
- ProHashing is very easy to use and the Proswitching really works great, put your Miner to work at FPPS and get paid what you want, or with GPUs with more than 4 GB for the DAG go for PPLNS Ethereum, just a hint

- Callisto makes movement up and down, BTT down, Doge a bit climbing, Atheios flatlined, damn

- bought over Binance some Coins, Portfolio started, YEAH, Black Crypto Card ordered and put some BTC on it, all going well :-)
- curious, got a TRON income in my wallet in the same amount i bought BitTorrent Coins over Binance, after the payout i received it with date 01.01.1970, 01:00 ... maybe some error? The TRON Amount in my wallet is still but the BTT were credited as expected, i need to find out more ... any ideas why this happened? Drop me a eMail (see bottom of page) if you know more and wanna tell me
- Thought of building a Portfolio of Coins, some mining like Rito or Ethereum (good for trading to other coins!), others buying like DOGE, Callisto, BitTorrent, AMP or TRON

- I wonder, if somebody out there is interessted in what i am doing ...
- posted on fazebook a preview, 7 likes all together in 11 crypto groups with around 500.000 Members
- As of day five in this, no email or hashpower. 400 page visits at but nothing else. Neighbor wants me to look at his computer, not really in the mood at the moment, but we will see. Aparro. The first steps looked sucessful, used them for my accounts and everything worked, like it should be. Still, i hope i am not wasting my time. Still feel alone. Anybody out there? Hello World? I wish somebody would switch his miner into my direction, just for a few shares, to let me know, somebody is out there and likes what i am doing ... :-(

- LibreOffice keeps crashing, tried several online PDF Creators, most is crap, already switched PCs, also did a complete new win10 install, still same - i need to find another program

- working on Wallets, daily overview, weekly overview, usability is in the foreground, damn LibreOffice crashes when i modify the input fields, getting sick of that
- improve website, new order, going to need a cms, checking out, probably with a Record-A, Domaintransport is such a pain

- needed time for consulting awesomeminer and some friends about website, CI, referrals
- decided to make a step-by-step tutorial for beginners, maybe a short youtube video?

- did https-certificate for Website, did ChangeLog in a Box, because it grows too big
- did some Logo development, favicon included, but it doesn't show, not important, now thinking of website to look better
- PDF fixed, added Wallet and Balance, but that works one time, so how can i use the fields more effective? Guess i change Wallets in Balances and do it in an extra PDF ... will keep you updated
- SB-Stick far to slow, every litte change in name or so takes forever, will set up an SSD with a linux, hopefully the CUPS Drivers are updated since last time, i used it ;-)

- can't find a LibreOffice 5 again, maybe the upgrade destroyed the PDFs, first i need a shower and enjoy the sunshine outside, so later today i will build one completely from scratch with LibreOffice 7.1, good way to build a master template for the future, i got a lot of improvements in my head
-,,, and should be next

- installed diverent versions of LibreOffice from 6.4 to 7.05 - still crashing! upgraded the pc with an old AMD Radeon HD 5670 GPU, maybe its the IDG (internal graphics device), still crashing! switched to another pc, same, getting tired of that. Made a USB Stick with LibreOffice - still same sh!t, leave it for good for today, need to make laundry and fill the dishwasher
- made the mistake and did win10 update from 2004 to 20H2 and also the update to LibreOffice 7.1 - LibreOffice crashes, when an input field gehts modified - crap!

- Wallets_V1.1 released
- updated informations in the PDFs, do i need a digital signature?
- Google Auth now clickable, much better now
- the bigger font sizes in the fields are great, visibility improved a lot, fixed
- gave inputfields and fonts a makeover, started with V1.7.1 now downloadable and why shouldn't Notes be inputs?

- a lot about Versions in mind, still not 100% happy, actual Version x.x.3 - all work done typing by hand with an editor and LibreOffice 5
- added Pools, added Wallets & App
- open all fields, the user should decide by itself how it get handled, added
- corrected buggy input fields, no checkbox anymore for 2FA
- TopText changed, added Nicehash for Hashpower Donations
- my eMailadress unlinked from mailto

- unified input fields, switched website background from green to grey, i am sure you liked that :-), reorganized fonts
- I need a Crypto Watcher/Tracker form, if i wanna overview my coins, and also one for tracking coins, i may add to my portfolio
- some input fields switched back to 12 chars, fixed

- names and input fields vary a lot, fixed

- putting up website, added Prohashing and miningpoolhub

- coming up with the idea doing PDF forms for all my Collegue-Miners for Free, started working, can't be that difficult, right
- just registered at another mining pool, why it is always such a pain to write down all the details like 2FA, Mining-Servers, API-Keys and Wallet IDs?
PDF forms for Crypto Miners
updated Version to x.x.3, still all beta but useable

As a crypto miner for years, it is really a pain to write down all the important stuff you need to know. And you don't want to use everywhere the same password, so here is a solution. Download the PDFs you need, fill out the not so important stuff like eMailaddress or mining Wallet address (like Nicehash) in a PDF Reader with Copy&Paste, then print it. Now fill out the sensible data like passwords or the API-Key by hand.
So i decided to make free PDFs for everybody. Isn't that nice? So be nice to me and send hashpower worth of a symbolic 1 Euro in my direction. But only, if you like it and use it. I simple ask for fairness to my cause. When i finalize a Version, i let you know, right now everything is in progress but useable, try them and tell me what you think. I also don't want any scripts in it, so i will strip the PDFs down to the essentials, the minimum required to work, so nothing has space to infiltrate the PDFs with malware or viruses.


Wallets & App


all the newest mining software for AMD & NVIDIA GPUs is included, easy to use and free

after registration, you can order the Black Crypto Visa Card,
where you can pay with your Crypto Coins



FREE to use PDF forms, but I think its worth a symbolic 1 Euro. As my business is down due to COVID, i hope, this will get me back on the horse again, so all i want from you is Coin or HashPower in the amount at that time of 1 Euro. Not much, right? If 200 people out there are fair to the cause and donate, i see a light at the horizon :-)
Donate Hashpower and i keep up the work and I will do many more forms for you, my Mining-Collegues !!!

MinerMore User.Worker: Jacky.Aparro

Antpool User: Aparro-donate

MiningDutch User: Jacky-89

User.Worker: Jacky-87.Aparro-A pw:x for AMD - Ethash and Kawpow only
User.Worker: Jacky-87.Aparro-N pw:x for NVIDIA - Ethash and Kawpow only

Nicehash Wallet: 3E7FGTcfjzqnzVZMMzrnPMNHDSs9mkZZxm

ProHashing User.Worker: Jacky
Stay healthy and take care.

Thanks for the symbolic 1 Euro in Hashpower for the use of the PDFs !
Need a modification? Drop me a message at info (at) Aparro (dot) com